Saturday, January 12, 2008

Paradox and Dilemma feed Future Farming Solutions

Yeomans Keyline Plow Company sales literature brims with accurately stated one liners; “As your soil gets richer, so do you!”, “The only plow you will ever need”, “..the best plow for the job”, or “Yeomans Plows are always designed to be as versatile as possible”. When asked how often a Yeomans Plow should be used – P.A. Yeomans always answered “If you want to improve your soil, then start plowing the next day after you buy one”. All true statements! We are presented opportunities within this remarkable and versatile plow device to serve an important function toward all of our business' futures.

Clear Choice © - Elysian © is further envisioning and developing the future routine protocols that will be used in a different era from what we are currently accustom. (See Page 14 of the June - July 2009 Issue of "GRAZE" Magazine) Our market happens to be Pasture based farmland owners and so too, for the most part real “Farmers”.

Real farmers will, in the future, be needing to accept some change. Change is sometimes slow in coming, but stating now that future farming production models and their involved paradox's and dilemma's may be changing in eras of higher fuel and energy costs is almost a given. Clear Choice © - Elysian © proposes to utilize, in part, Yeomans Keyline Plows and other inventive solution concepts and perhaps historic model methods - to enhance change within those future production methods.

A.H. Tuttle and Company has long held that future “conventional” mainstream agricultural production models, both pasture and crop, will gradually become based more on “organic type” less invasive - more natural ambient methods; and these will one day serve as common practices. With time, they too will progress simply as the logical farming solution. We see it as essential.

Keyline Pasture and Ley Cropping concepts and principles represent what we feel are an important element necessary to elevate pastoral super systems to the next levels of land stewardship going forward.

If you have any questions regarding how "Keypoint Solutions'" - Non-inversion Tillage, Absorption Fertility and Yeomans Keyline Plow concept principles or capabilities might be applied in your future, you need only inquire of A.H. Tuttle and Company -or- Clear Choice © - Elysian © today. Please email us at -or- call A.H. Tuttle and Company at (315)-986-7007