Wednesday, January 18, 2012

"The Elysian Fields and Natural Ley Pasture System ", ….It don’t sound like nobody*.

2012 will mark the official fifteenth anniversary of the writing of the compiled notes versions of “The Elysian Fields and Pasture Project”. These profitable Pasture and Ley Cropping Systems offer unique solutions for our clients; ..often offered exclusively from our mentoring systems – Research & Development and nowhere else.

Did you know? - A. H. Tuttle and Company Clients who also purchase a Yeomans Plow or Perimeter Fencing or other similar sub-system from us receive hundreds of dollars of Clear Choice © - Elysian © “Keypoint Solutions” Services as well,  at reduced cost or free of Charge! Clear Choice © - Elysian © Services from A. H. Tuttle and Company offers clients these systems and more, call us today!

*Elvis Presley walked into the Sam Phillips recording studio for the first time and Marion Keisker, Sams’ devoted business partner, remembers vividly asking him; “Who do you sound like?”, and Elvis replied, in a now famous statement, “I don’t sound like nobody.” Marion was skeptical….., but not for long.