Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Innovative Solutions Approach to help you

Throughout years of discovery A H Tuttle and Company has historically utilized various common concepts in our Innovative - Research and Development. At one time in the early nineteen-eighties our (BLUESHIFT INSTRUMENTS © Division) innovative approach to a challenge involving Dairy Personnel and Dairy Automation interaction was to include within the ultimate solution the standardization of the input elements held by the various dairy animal udder types themselves; in effect we changed “Variable” animal udder types into “Standard” animal udder types by invoking an applied interface device between animal and the dairy automatic (milking) machine. We introduced a device affixed to (worn by) the dairy cows as an extension of themselves and their mammary system. This same low-tech, low-cost device acted also as an extension of the machine in a sense, by virtue of its standardized design, every “Variable” dairy cow wearing our device now “Looked” like a standard dairy cow to the automated machine process.  A faster, cleaner milking routine ensued; a dynamic feat seldom achieved even today by the very best of the dairy automation industry and at the same time at a very low cost. 

Similar to the above (Clear Choice © - Elysian ©) type solutions are offered to a very unique minimal tillage plow device (Yeomans Brand Plow) and techniques we and many of our clients utilize on pastures to achieve an effect referred to as "Absorption Fertility" and in many applications low cost irrigation effects as well. An accessory attachment to this stated plow device offered a dynamic yet very low-tech, low-cost solution for planting various seed types within a sod furrow; traditionally a difficult – sometimes relatively competitive environment for seedlings to become established. The particular problems observed also included ill regularities in the planted flow rate of these same seed types by the existing low-cost, low-tech solution attachment device. Without throwing additional technology and cost into the tillage device accessory attachment mechanism, we chose to “standardize” the input element, the seed itself, into a rounded pellet that offered additional growth controls and attributes far beyond the seed alone while solving for the variable planting flow rate.

We introduce and teach these (TRIZ) concepts to our various clients currently in a mentoring format. The basics are simple to illuminate – easy to apply and use, and they offer foundations for long term use.

If you are interested in unearthing these types solution methods, simply contact us and let us know what problem(s), be they pastoral and cropping or other - we can help you solve today.

Thank you in advance.

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