Sunday, June 12, 2011

Yeomans Keyline Concepts - Tears of Joy!

A Yeomans pasture plow client of ours called Saturday “weeping with joy” to report the news of the successful results he was achieving in this - the second year of field use following his Yeomans Plow purchase. We helped this client select a plow device where the primary intent was to better manage an “overly wet” soil due to a mineralized impervious hardpan circumstance as opposed to soils strictly in need of irrigation. This client is a renter of lands deemed of “lesser” quality by the regional market; he is able to rent volumes of these lands in his area at a considerable discount per acre due to their long history of a lower anticipated and perceived production capability that results in less demand and so too - much lower rental fee’s overall.

In this clients production history dating back ten and twelve years on these properties and a land owner record dating back some twenty-five years – the sample field history yielded (on average) just seven large 1ST cutting round bales harvest and never achieving more than 14 total in a good year despite added soil amendments (Ash and Manure to test). This year however (2011 a wet year by every measure) the client achieved 37 bales 1ST CUTTING HARVEST on the same acreage in this field! The client had always anticipated that this now revealed limiting factor was undermining this lands under achieving harvest and unlocking this hidden potential would reward him way beyond the risk of failure if he was wrong.

Yeomans Keyline Concepts seek to achieve some fundamental basic requirements for the manufacture of fertile soil. Firstly: A reasonable mix of minerals and elements necessary for nutritious plant growth must exist in the soil and sub-soil. Secondly: Sunlight must be available to the plant. Thirdly: Moisture must be present in correct amounts within the soil structure. Fourthly: Air must be present, for the microbes, the bacteria and the worms to breath enabling them to create rich soil humus. Fifth: There must be some dead plant material available for the microbes to eat to convert into this soil humus.

Yeomans Plows and Equipment are designed with two objectives. One is the use of the equipment must produce a soil and subsoil environment wherein soil life will thrive and proliferate. And the other design requirement is that what we make must be extremely strong. It must be reliable and it must be efficient!