Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Supercharge Your Pasture Plan with “Keypoint Solutions”

Ideally clients will first have us plan to install an Elysian © perimeter containment fence system to a farm-land area to establish livestock control – and having solved for that, from there implement our in-house Clear Choice © - Keypoint Solutions ©, with methods and pasture fixtures to facilitate their production model. Each of our element systems are customized to each farmstead and field. These systems aren’t expensive but they do offer unique problem solving – proven solutions geared toward profit.  

Clients have asked us this year: “Would your systems offer meaningful solutions in these current 2012 drought conditions?”; .. and our answer is “Yes”, .. a fully implemented farm plan design can and would provide ample one person irrigation as measured in inches / acre rates distributed within minutes, to pasture and so too other crops with low cost ambient derived water (rainfall) collected from topography as per custom design.

Contact us at A. H. Tuttle and Company and allow us to begin planning for the full benefit of our Keyline Principle Irrigation Services on your pastures today!