Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Elysian Field Trellis Modular Systems

We have worked over twenty-five years as a private NGO business developing innovative pastoral systems. Again this fast approaching 2015 pasture season - we will introduce a new prototype concept of what we think - in time could become a major development device within those same in situ agricultural systems, it will be called  – Elysian Field Trellis Modular Systems.  Please allow us to help you achieve and maximize your profitable grassfed and organic standards pasture goals; And if you are interested to participate in the process, please give us a call and allow us to work for you today!

Be safe. Sincerely,

Royal A. Purdy
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Tuesday, March 3, 2015

What can you farm with a Keyline Plow?:

The smallest of the basic plow frame types we currently offer (“SB” Single Tool Bar Type Models), will serve you and your neighboring farm community with a heavy duty capability “keyline” device that will intercept ambient rainfall water on sod and provide for the highest surface water management versatility going forward.

With a standard duty general purpose (GP-39 Double Tool Bar Type Models), you can establish control over reacted soils environments such as gardens, etc., while maintaining separation in time of the involved digging points and shanks while maintaining low tractor horse power requirements.

With the Larger Heavy Duty Farm and Implementation Service provider type plow frames (L-43 HD Double Tool Bar Type Models), you can perform all the above with practical confidence in the devices’ ability to perform under the harshest of terrain sub-soil conditions.

All these systems are designed around helping you to provide net profit to your farming circumstance regardless of size. We can also build custom solutions in lesser and greater plow frame and attachment combination types to suit your exacting needs. Please allow us to serve you today!