Friday, October 29, 2010

Clear Choice (c) - Elysian (c), Topographic Resource Planning

The "Keypoint Solutions (c)" available  from Clear Choice (c) - Elysian (c) bring to you our ability to provide resource planning and implementation services for use on your suitable pastures and crop lands. While not strictly limited to "Irrigation",  Keypoint Solutions'  "Absorption Fertility" alone can make all the difference toward realizing increased profits in both wet and dry years via "Keyline" type Irrigation techniques.

While other irrigation models talk about utilizing water application rates as measured in inches per day via time and energy consuming water pump - spray technical systems, etc., Keyline type irrigation provides for planning and ambient availability of inches within minutes (planned typically as 15 - 30 min. applications) of stored - low cost flood flow rain and surface waters - by one man - assisted by gravity!

Soil surface microbes don't like prolonged saturation periods demanded under the longer time set from slower conventional irrigation methods and can be needlessly set back by the long term exposure to the overly wet status. Keyline irrigation however delivers planned irrigation of one to two inches of water application within fifteen minutes of start and is more in tune to a quick naturally occurring rain downpour, thus lessening the soil microbes exposure to a flooded or overly wet environment and resulting in a more aerobic condition in which to flourish.

If we can be of any service to your farmlands, please contact us and let us know.

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

JAKBILT (c), Hydraulic Post Drivers

JAKBILT © Brand Agricultural Equipment; For over a decade we have had the great fortune to be the sole Manufacturers Sales Representative for JAKBILT © Brand Agricultural Equipment. We believe JAKBILT builds the finest custom fabricated heavy duty Agricultural equipment to be found; we use it ourselves!