Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Hello there neighbor!....Do you know this fellow?

Well, ... he's Andre' Voisin
"Voisin" - a word meaning "Neighbor"

(7/1/1903 in Dieppe - 21/12/1964 in Havana, Cuba): After College studies and after WW2, Andre' Voisin decided to expose in five successive books the ten years results of his reflections and experimentation on the "Rational Management" of pastures.

His studies related to grass as a food for cattle, on its dynamic production and composition and to include the ground worms (that the author calls the “plough of nature”) and the bacterial microfauna found in those pastures. The French scientist and grazing pioneer, utilized a "Summary of Five Laws", being 1) Law of Restitution of Elements Removed, 2) Law of Restitution of Availiable Elements that have disappeared, 3) Law of the Minimum, 4) Law of the Maximum, 5) Law of the Priority of Biological Quality and demonstrated that an excess or imbalance of one material could be just as harmful to production through the agency of locking up other essential minerals present in the soil. He exposed also the relations of industry (Taylor-Gantt) to that of pasture flora rest and maximum production, etc.

His principal works identifying pasture dynamics were translated into 18 languages. He diffused much of the content of these works via many lecture tours in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Africa and Latin America. It is during one of these lectures, in Havana, Cuba - that he died of a heart attack. He was buried there like a true statesman in the vault of l' institute of sciences.

The Elysian Fields and Pasture Project advocates a meaningful advancement of much of Voisin's great works, revelations and efficiencies as they are contained in his many titles, but we feel are interpreted best in “Grass Productivity”, ”Better Grassland Sward”, "Fertilizer Application" and "Prescribed Grazing" – and subsequent interpretations “Greener Pastures on your Side of the Fence” by Bill Murphy and “Holistic Management”, and the styles and protocol methods outlined by Allan Savory's work; indeed, we expound on them!