Tuesday, October 20, 2009

New award winning "Merlin" Plow Point System from Yeomans Plow Company, AU.

In keeping with their state of the art plow device development protocol, the Yeomans Plow Company, Australia has just introduced a new shank digging point device for their entire series of Yeomans Keyline Plows - (what we call "The Pasture Plow"); this new shank point device with replaceable hardened wear parts surrounding a newly designed tungsten steel tipped plow point to receive the perishables is called the "Merlin".

Modern day Yeomans Plow Developer - Allan Yeomans has spent years developing this newest device in an effort to solve for wear on critical perishable plow point sub-systems.

Up date: Today, 21 October 2009 The Merlin Point has just won the "AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL FIELD DAYS Engineering Award of Excellence For 2009"!

We have video of Allan Yeomans demonstrating the new Merlin Point system posted here and we now have these excellent points in use and in stock now! Friend folks can go now to the Yeomans Plow site (http://www.yeomansplow.com.au), and scroll down to "The Merlin Point" and view the new video with a written description -or- see the video alone here below.

The Yeomans company reports that the new Merlin point system is priced as follows:

All prices are listed in AUD$ (Australian dollars) and include 10% GST (an Australian tax that does not apply to the U.S.A. Market), but exclude S&H delivery -

MERLIN POINT COMPLETE ...........................$79.20

Replaceable RABBIT........$5.94

Replaceable TOP HAT.......$5.94

WAND (pin)......................$0.83

(BRIDGELOCK SYSTEM...if required is an additional $13.20

and includes 1/2 inch holding bolt).

If you are interested in these items or any of the Yeomans Plow Company non-inversion tillage devices, please contact us at the address' below, we are always importing plow shipments; we need to hear from you NOW!

Thank you!

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