Friday, May 13, 2011

A. H. Tuttle and Company Introduces Zeus (c) Brand Plow Frames

Our latest exclusive sales development – 2011 ZEUS © brand plow frames – shown here is a Model YZ-L-43-9. Zeus Brand Plow Frames are generic – quality built from Yeomans Plow Company, AU. designs and thus are ready for mounting Yeomans brand shanks and devices - saving costs involved with importing the frame during the current AUD$ - USD$ currency exchange values.

We ship Yeomans plows and components to ALL the America's as well as nation wide in the U.S.A.!


Royal A. Purdy
Clear Choice © - Elysian ©; and Yeomans – Zeus Plow Dealer, Sales and Service
A. H. Tuttle and Company
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Farmington, NY. 14425
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Yeomans Plow Shanks, your soil gets richer - so do you!

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