Wednesday, August 8, 2012

The Yeomans Plow surfaces again in Graze ® magazine

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The August-September 2012 issue of Graze ® magazine included a (page 9) article submission from New London, Ohio grazing dairy farmer Eric Grim regarding his experience with a borrowed Yeomans “Keyline” Plow. The writer referred to his experience as “Vertical Tillage”; anything but the proper protocol term use of the popular Yeomans Plow Company tillage – low cost irrigation methodology - correctly referred to as “Keyline Principles”.

As a Yeomans plow dealer supplying plows and planning services to all the America’s,  A. H. Tuttle and Company utilizes state of the art “Keypoint Solutions” to plan your non-inversion broad-acre land designs and Yeomans Keyline plow purchase.

The user Mr. Grim boasts of documented forage increases of 1000 lbs. Dry Matter per acre, and in side by side evaluation - better wet year (2011) and (2012) dry pasture management capabilities!

We are the America’s premier total service provider concerning Yeomans Plows and we can help you too, but you first need to contact us today!

P.S. ..and protocol use increases soil organic matter such as to sequester carbon as well!

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Yeomans Keyline Plows, your soil gets richer - so do you!

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