Thursday, November 29, 2012

Clear Choice - "Keypoint Solutions" and "Absorption Fertility"

 As a longtime developer of grazing properties, (and judging by the volume of this years’ inquiries) I can think of no better challenge than the 2012 pervasive drought conditions contrasted with other various “high moisture” weather events for demonstrating the long-term attributes of the Yeomans Brand non-inversion pasture plow and Clear Choice - “Keypoint Solutions” systems in general to increase available forages utilization of “Absorption Fertility” on pastures and range lands in a wide range of conditions.

By virtue of its rich history, it’s no secret that narrow shank plow incisions via pattern cultivation in sod can provide grazing enhancement as measured in increases of available forages in both wet and dry years by virtue of better managed water resources; these techniques have been well-documented for over 100 years and very probably for 200 years or more.

The historical limiting factors in the early history of any in ground tillage device is always governed by ability to transfer available horsepower. With the development in England and elsewhere in Europe and America beginning (as late as) in the late 1800s , narrow shank – non-inversion plow devices (such as the “Ransomes, Sims and Jefferies” CIC Plow shown above); many farming user – authors of the past era devoted whole written chapters in well publicized books on the subject and it’s remarkable observed (horsepower efficient) effects on Soil Organic Matter resulting in increased “Absorption Fertility”. 


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To further this discussion, I’ve advised my clients that the water distribution attribute effects popularized by many talking heads from the U.S. and abroad as having been developed by P.A. Yeomans in Australia were in fact similarly researched, popularized and developed decades before he and his families involvement in agriculture by agents of the United States Department of Agriculture; and further, was named very similarly to the later occurring so called “Keyline”; it being in reference to the “Key Contour Line” device and providing the same water distributing properties dating back to the thirties – and perhaps beyond.