Monday, April 8, 2013

The Yeomans Plow Company Australia has introduced a re-designed Yeomans Model GP-39 Series Plow!

The GP (General Purpose) Series is historically design for “light” system tractors and that aspect hasn’t changed, but the system is now redesigned to be easier to ship from factory and somewhat lower cost to manufacture.

The redesigned GP series light duty plow frame now handles up from the 22” to 26” narrow profile digging Yeomans Shanks and affords users with limited sized tractors the versatility of 26” Shanks coupled with a double tool bar!

We invite you to call us today at A. H. Tuttle and Company, as we have sales and service to all the America’s (and beyond) utilizing Yeomans Plow technology.

Be safe. Sincerely,

Royal A. Purdy
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Yeomans Plows, your soil gets richer - so do you!


Unknown said...

Ideally Users would want to include coulters with this device.

Unknown said...

If folks are desirous to purchase a plow import solution this season, please be reminded that the calendar again says MARCH! We are compiling purchase orders for current import now. Call or write us today!