Thursday, April 9, 2015

Notice to 2015 “Pasture Project” Participants

Our Clear Choice © - Elysian ©, “Pasture Project” clients should all have gotten their Spring 2015 letters and emails. Those we missed or those wishing to participate are encouraged to notified us and have elected their implementation schedule by the end of April - start of May. This will assist us greatly. We are offering the same basic schedule as last year that was disrupted by my father’s sudden and untimely illness; Events basically resulted in setting us back one full year but we have already started re-signing participants this season.

Historically sometimes referred to as “Swedish” or “Norwegian Fence”, “All Weather Hay Tripods”, “Hay Barracks”, “Haycocks”, etc.. We refer to it simply as our heavy duty Elysian Field Trellis Modular  Systems technology. Inter-disbursed along any existing fence-line or stand-alone, these devices are being developed - designed to enable a single individual to harvest a field hay or pasture forage hay crop in situ and in less time and far more economically than previously thought possible. 

Again, if you are interested to participate, you are encouraged to inform us soon.

Thank you for your assistance. Be safe. Sincerely,

Royal A. Purdy
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…With “The Elysian Field Trellis Modular System” installed within your pastures right now, you could be feeding the high quality dry hay while still managing your young pastures to build better fertility…