Thursday, November 4, 2010

“The Elysian Fields and Pasture Project”

Many readers of our web site and web blog have come to realize that the "Keypoint Solutions ©” utilized by Clear Choice (c) - Elysian (c) are based in part on elements from the written works of The Elysian Fields and Pasture Project”.  This written work brings to our clients unique value added systems solutions designed to lead them toward increasing farm profit in a sustainable manner. These methods are constantly updated, and from time to time selected elements will be outlined and shared here for readers.

In this installment we will visit the Part 2 – TRIZ section of The Elysian Fields and Pasture Project element solutions dealing with: Core Concept Principals and Tools of the TRIZ 40 Principles - beginning with principle 1.) Segmentation;  Examples: A.) Portable Modular Dairy Milk House, Utility Room devices, or Milking parlor units designed to be expandable from single six cow capacity to double six to double twelve, etc. as the dairy herd grows; B.) Segmenting pasture into smaller individual paddocks to address flora management, plus varying animal pastoral grazing rates verses allowing animals extensive access to the entire sward extending to the perimeters of a pasture field.

For most landowners it is easy enough then to see how ‘Segmentation” might already be used in their own circumstances; A. H. Tuttle and Company will then endeavor to introduce, train and help via mentoring - all our clients in and via TRIZ techniques to identify and apply for themselves on their own farms, all manner of  standard “solutions” within the TRIZ context as this technique has sought to enumerate and identify all worldly known basic problem statements, technical contradictions and thus formulate innovative solutions.

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