Sunday, January 16, 2011

Renewed Introduction for 2011

I’m the owner of A. H. Tuttle and Company (named after my Grandfather) and I have worked fielding inquires and have delivered meaningful agricultural solutions for clients and my partners challenges for nearly 33 years (I’ve been actively involved in farming since the early nineteen sixties, being nearly 54 years of age and growing up on a progressive cash crops and dairy farm). Persons have made millions of dollars on the back of my combined application of sound historic works study and observations combined with our current products and services lineup. Clear Choice - Land, Field and Pasture Asset Enhancement Services mentors this and other knowledge.

I can’t think of a finer “Natural Pasture Farming” and “Keyline” type “Absorption Fertility” concepts resource than my own Clear Choice – Elysian “Keypoint Solutions” - to address the challenges of most all pasture farming going forward. My endeavors, written works and opinions include Products (Yeomans Brand Plows, JAKBILT Brand Hydraulic Post Drivers – ZEUS Brand Weldments, Retrofits, etc.), Sales and Services ( Elysian – Sustainable High Tensile and Clear Choice – Land, Field and Pasture Asset Enhancement Services - Management Plans).


Innovative Natural Farming Pasture and Crop Solutions, Paid Mentor regarding farmland development toward "ideality" (a TRIZ term - meaning an apogeal goal) via Clear Choice - Land, Field and Pasture Asset Management Services. "The Elysian Fields and Natural Ley Pastures Farming System", brought to you by “Keypoint Solutions”
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Royal A. Purdy
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