Thursday, January 27, 2011

Clear Choice (c) - Elysian (c), Inventive - Innovative Design

Clear Choice (c) - Elysian (c) has been designing inventive solutions for decades and has become an expert at developing in-house solutions for ourselves and our clients.

In a Pasture Based enterprise circumstance, no one else offers landowners the innovation solutions such as can be developed one on one with our clients.

I have worked hard at developing methods derived from practice, study and sometimes unique application in an effort to make our clients competitive beyond the normal status quo.

Try us out, give us a call or email if you prefer.

"The Elysian Fields and Natural Ley Pastures Farming System", brought to you by “Keypoint Solutions”

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Royal A. Purdy
Clear Choice © - Elysian ©; and Yeomans Plow Dealer, Sales and Service
A. H. Tuttle and Company
1007 County Road 8
Farmington, NY.  14425
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Yeomans Plows, your soil gets richer - so do you!

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